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Azusa Street Riders



When you see dozens of roaring, smoke belching motorbikes gliding in rough formation down a local main street, riders decked out in leather vests, blue jeans, custom helmets, and their massive bikes all gleaming with chrome and gold emblems — what comes to your mind? Most step back in shock and surprise. Bro. Fred Beall, director and founder of ‘Azuza StreetRiders’ apostolic motorcycle club see souls and an opportunity to be a witness for the truth.

Said Bro. Beall, “Sometimes people’s response is like, ‘Motorcycle Ministry, what’s that?’ And when we say Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry, they’ll say, ‘You’ve got to be kidding! Bikers are all beards, tattoos, ‘wife-beater’ t-shirts and worse! They must think we force people at gunpoint to be baptized in Jesus’ name!”

But Bro. Beall feels that most people have a wrong impression when it comes to today’s large motorcycling crowd. “Look around, Pastor, it’s not anything like the Easy Rider ‘60s. You’ll see that motorcycles are mainstream and here to stay. Like other recreation enthusiasts, bikers come from all walks of life and span the socioeconomic spectrum. The ‘lost’ of this world can be found everywhere and bikers need Jesus, too. Perhaps there’s an effective motorcycle ministry for you and/or your church members, ready for birthing.”

Many feel that motorcycle evangelism is a ministry whose time has come. The Azuza StreetRiders motorcycle club currently has ____ chapters in ___ states. Bro. Beall urges pastors to ask themselves, “Do you have saints who came out of ‘hard core’ biking culture? Businessmen in your congregation who ride on good-weather weekends? Perhaps you’re a closet biker and nobody knows! Regardless, time is right to start an ‘outreach for Christ’ using the motorcycle.

“The motorcycle is one of the greatest door-opening tools imaginable. Combine motorcycles with eye-catching backpatches emblazoned with ‘Acts 2:38’ on leather jackets and you have a powerful formula to witness for Christ, and Apostolic Truth. For example: I opened this email on a recent Wednesday, “Bro. Fred, I received my backpatch Tuesday, had it sewed on and already had an opportunity to witness of Jesus”. We are Azuza StreetRiders, The Apostolic Motorcycle Ministry of Jesus Christ. People actually stop us in public places and ask, “What is Azuza?” or “What does Acts 2:38 say?” Those doors are ‘wide open’, waiting on us to tell them what the Bible says is needed for salvation.”

It’s a ministry that pastors are often enjoying as well as saints. Said Beall, “Every time we ride and put on our backpatch, we’re in ministry-mode. Where there are many Azuza StreetRider members, we are actively involved in outreach to the biking communities. If there are only one or two members, simply riding is a form of ministry, again because of our backpatch.”

Bro. Beall said there are at least ____ major biking events around the country. Every state in the USA will have several smaller events during the warm weather season. These are key times to present the Gospel message. Explained Beall, “Azuza StreetRiders is the world’s only Oneness Apostolic motorcycle ministry/club, yet there’re over 900 Trinitarian motorcycle organizations…and we want to keep it that way! Together, if we don’t splinter like the Trinitarians, we can accomplish much for Christ. Example: Annually, we give a motorbike to a foreign missionary under our “Motorcycles for Missionaries” program.”

Bro. Beall said it’s easy to start a motorcycle outreach in your local church. Just visit their website at, download the forms on the bottom of the “Membership” page and join Azuza StreetRiders. However Pastoral approval is necessary. Or you can email Bro. Fred Beall at:

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